Awakening is not just a brand. We are a movement that advocates and believes in sustainability, equality, love, peace, and unity. We look at Mankind as One Single Brotherhood and Mother Earth as a Conscious Living Organism.

We recognize that our current issues of environmental destruction, human conflict, poverty, and corruption can not be solved by a society polarized by such enormous inequality, where a few are thriving at the expense of the suffering majority.

The solution to the wholeness of humanity is a Spiritually Awakened civilization, and we are now at a very crucial point where we must make a monumental decision - to either evolve and co-exist in peace and harmony or destroy ourselves and our planet.

This Spiritual Awakening is what grounds us in unconditional love, compassion, and understanding, unveiling the Ultimate Truth, that We are Each Other at our Spiritual Root Source, and that Source, Lives Within.

Any improvements we make to the world today will be the gifts for the future generations, and the most valuable inheritance we can leave for our children is to Wake-Up and re-examine ourselves, since we are part of the problem, but we are also the solution!

We appreciate your help in spreading our message.
We donate 10 % of profits to charity.


Awakening Team