V-Neck Cotton Tees

Are you a woman or man of simple pleasures? Prefer understated minimalism over flashy ensembles? Do you care about the environment and wish to live a more holistic life? Disappointed by the popularity of animal fur and have a disdain for unethical means of production?

Awaken the Source is a team of spiritual warriors, committed to raising the flag of awareness by promoting the doctrine of ethical living.
We believe in the philosophy of compassion and kindness; that each living creature deserves to be treated with love and respect, including voiceless and defenseless animals.

Printed messages on shirts and hoodies can be a powerful medium of communication. Use it to your advantage by spreading the word on eco-friendly garments!

If you’re sympathetic to the plight of those in need, make a positive difference by purchasing our V-neck T-shirts for men and women. Available in black and white, our range of cruelty-free men and women’s tees are perfect for those looking to make a small, but meaningful contribution to a world that needs more love and attention.

In our efforts to improve the world we live in, we donate 10 percent of all our profits to rehabilitate the neglected and forgotten members of society. And it’s people like you who make it happen!

Join us in our crusade against ignorance and raise your voice to uphold the principles of truth and justice.

Remember: you hold the power to change the course of the future. Awaken the Source within, and unlock your divine gifts to heal the world!