Tank Top


Tank Top Collection

Everyone needs a basic black and white tank top in their wardrobe collection. It’s the staple of every man and woman’s attire, serving as a simple and comfortable top for warm weather or a useful tool to build up layers in fall.

Awaken the Source is a movement that aims to promote the tenets of love, compassion and kindness. We do this by selling 100 percent cruelty-free shirts, including tank tops, tees and hoodies for men and women.

We believe that every decision you make generates a global tide of spiritual awakening with the propensity to affect and change the rest of the world. Be it something as big as saving a life or as little as investing in eco-friendly conscious clothing.

Change is change, no matter how big or small. And with the power of free will, you have the choice to improve or neglect the world you live in.

Besides being a practical addition to your wardrobe, the tank tops we sell, come in black and white, with powerful spiritual messages printed boldly on the back. With a universal philosophy that urges humanity to be more aware and compassionate, our messages of spiritual awakening are designed to effectively illuminate people by simply drawing their attention to a few words of wisdom.

If you’re interested in being part of a global revolution based on the principles of love, peace, unity and equality, have a look at our line of tank tops for men and women. We donate 10 percent of all our profits to people in need.