Zip Up Hoodies

When it comes to raising awareness for important causes, nothing beats the urgency of a spiritual revolution. Unfortunately, due to misguided ideas about the nature of spirituality, most people seem to dismiss its significance in day to day life. They forget that spirituality affects every aspect of our physical and social existence—from the way we think and the way we eat, to the way we talk and the way we dress.

Awaken the Source is a movement that aims to raise the collective consciousness by helping humanity vibrate on higher frequencies. We do this by offering a line of spiritual apparel that’s made to align your energy with that of the Universe. We believe in fostering harmonious ties with the planet and all life that inhabits it. This is why we sell 100 percent cruelty-free clothing, specializing in black and white zip up hoodies.

Our eco-friendly hooded zip up sweatshirts are designed for, both, men and women to promote ethical living through powerful spiritual messages printed on the back. If you’re interested in doing something meaningful without resorting to dramatic measures, experience the impact of making a small change in consumer habit.

Our zip-up hoodies don’t simply cater to those looking for a spiritual direction in life. They also appeal equally to all animal lovers and environmental activists by offering an alternative to animal fur and unethical means of production.

Every positive transformation begins with a clear, consistent focus.

Be part of the great awakening and join our movement.