This too shall pass.

Give it some time.

Nothing lasts forever.

Tomorrow is another day.

Our savior, our healer, our sage, our compass—Father Time has a way of fixing everything—be it something as insignificant as a small injury or as serious as a broken heart.

He reminds us of the immeasurable powers of embracing change; of evolving with the current of each moment, and to live, unperturbed, in the Now.

The pendulous rhythm of mortality compels us to surrender—to be vulnerable in our search for truth and identity until we reunite with the Beloved, the Divine Source from whence we came.  

Expecting the Unexpected

In your great quest for selfhood, you learn to love unconditionally—standing naked and exposed before the object of your affection.

The great risk of heartbreak lingers on the horizon—wandering in the woods of your vulnerabilities like a cruel huntsman, waiting to strike.

You see him raise his axe slowly and steadily, but you dance in feverish ecstasy, consumed forever more by your unwavering devotion.

In a moment of complete surrender, the heart overpowers the mind, compelling Pride to kneel before the sacred temple of Love.

Prostrating in an act of loving worship, you depart temporarily from the physical plane—your soul aligning with the Higher Realm in what can only be described as true transcendence.

Before you know it, you’re lying face down in a dark, dingy jungle—your heart, broken and bleeding from an attack you thought was an illusion.

Loving and Letting Go


As you struggle to pick up the pieces, you endlessly question everything.

Did this really happen?

How could I have been so stupid?

Why me?

You think your life is over. Everything you once held dear to your heart loses meaning. You feel lost, confused, betrayed and abandoned.

How do you move on from a tragedy so great? How do you learn to love once again? How do you find relief?

No matter how many times someone tells you “time heals all wounds”, don’t pay heed to their words. Instead, take comfort in knowing you’re not alone; in knowing that grief and remorse are a part of life—and that our ability to love unconditionally is a testament to our undeniable strength and courage.

In fact, what we call “time” is nothing more than an artificial construct that we created to live in a society we deem is “real”.

We are the makers of our own destiny.

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, but it is how we play the hand that determines the ultimate victor.

You—not time—can heal all wounds. Awaken the Source within and experience the limitless joys of simply being alive.

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