The subject of war and injustice, oppression and hatred, has always intrigued and rattled the wise among us.

From writers and historians, artists and performers, it has given birth to some of the most thought-provoking poetry and philosophical treatises—compelling us to reflect on the endless suffering of humanity.

In Eternal Life, an angry Jeff Buckley, known for his timeless rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, sings:

There’s no time for hatred—only questions,” listing each in a rage:

Where is love?

Where is happiness?

What is life?

Where is peace?  


When will I find the strength to bring me release?

Indeed, these are the questions that weigh on the collective consciousness, setting many of us on a spiritual quest to find answers that we may never know.

Fixing Your Moral Compass

We’ve come a long way since Cain and Abel.

By embracing reason and expanding our minds, we’ve established laws to regulate order and control, created a system of government that gives power to the people, and built institutions that promote unity and social cohesion.

Yet, despite our brilliant progress and countless attempts to create an ideal world, we struggle to define ethics in a postmodern world that feeds on moral ambiguity.

Adopting a Cruelty-Free Ethos


In a world populated by 7 billion people, we have 7 billion ideologies, which means 7 billion paths to life.

Despite our differences, however, we are all living beings—carriers of love and light—with an endless capacity to give and receive love.

Infants and teenagers, adults and seniors—each of us longs to be known and accepted, to be treated with kindness and compassion.

While you can’t eliminate evil with a magic wand, or click your ruby slippers and leave Kansas, you do have the power to change your life by brandishing the sword of justice and fighting for the rights of the weak and defenseless.

Morality begins with a clear sense of right and wrong. And while life is a painting colored extensively in grays, it also contrasts sharply between bold patches of black and white.

A cruelty-free life adheres to the simple philosophy of love and peace.

We wish to give the gift of joy and harmony to all, regardless of race, religion or color—to illuminate the dark skies of suffering with the torch of ethical living.

Join us as we raise awareness through our spiritual T-shirts, and let’s go on a journey to find those answers together.