Change can be scary—be it as fleeting as taking a different route to work, or as overwhelming as taking the decision to get married. Ultimately, it’s all part and parcel of a journey we call life. And although you may not know your destination just yet, it’s worth getting off on all the stops to make the ride interesting.

Place Your Trust in the Universe

The Universe works in mysterious ways. And one of the grand mysteries of life lies in sudden inexplicable changes that test our ability to grow and survive.

Death, separation, alienation, abandonment—painful experiences that push us further into our shell. It’s easy to bury your head in the sand, hoping your problems will disappear when you look again. Familiarity is comforting, after all; and as you stand at a crossroad, making a decision between following the same path as before, and attempting something you’ve never done before, you’re likely to take shelter under the old saying, “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t”.

Fortunately, when it comes to imparting advice and learning from the lessons of life, nothing beats the ancient wisdom of Mother Earth.

Since the dawning of this Universe, our planet has undergone monumental changes, reacting to the sometimes subtle, sometimes visceral acts of violence carried out by humankind.

Change defines the spirit of the Earth—evident through the changing leaves of fall and the budding orchards of spring.

Despite the progress of science and technology, we still stand in awe of the infinite bounties of Nature—so much left to discover, so much yet to explore.

Follow in her footsteps and embrace the undulating tides of change that help your spirit strengthen, and your mind, evolve.

Seeing the Light


As carriers of Light, we each share a sacred connection to the Source of Life—to the Universal Creator. And when our life takes an unforeseen turn that’s seemingly unpleasant, that’s when we can truly align with the Source—rising like a phoenix from the ashes of death.

Overcome your fears and take a risk worth taking. You’re responsible for the energy that you bring into this world. Be brave and trust in the Source as you take your first step to freedom.

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