In his canonical text, “Discourse on the Origin of Inequality”, one of the founding fathers of the Enlightenment era—Jean-Jacques Rousseau—explores the birth of civilization through the prism of philosophy.

“The first man,” he writes, “who, having enclosed a plot of land, bethought himself of saying, "This is mine," and found people naïve enough to believe him—that man was the true founder of civil society.”

Linking civilization to conquest, Rousseau explains the hopelessness of the human condition—the spiritual malaise of modern society—through its relationship with the principles of ownership and control, which define modern life.

How Far Have We Come…Really?

Now, you may not have a degree in philosophy, nor know much about the Enlightenment era. Maybe it’s the first time you’ve pondered on the nature of society, and a bit overwhelmed by an observation so deep and insightful.

Living in the age of capitalism, however, you know better than anyone that it’s greed and conformity—not love and compassion—that rule our world since the rise of industrialization.

As our population continues to rise, and our technological progress reaches unprecedented heights, our world—far from becoming more unified and peaceful—grows more polarized and paranoid.

“Barbarians” have turned into rapacious men in suits; the gentle rhythm of Mother Nature, replaced with the artificial construct of Time.

Life is no more a journey to spiritual freedom, laced with miracle and wonder; but a slow and painful death of the Higher Self, brought forth by the daggers of prejudice and ego.

Return to Love


It’s easy to identify the “blasé attitude” that epitomizes modern man. And it is this attitude that—contrary to the intuitive, sagacious nature of your soul—creates an aloof metropolitan environment, which distinguishes the “savage” from the so-called “civilized”.

On one hand, modern civilization has allowed individuals to abandon tradition. On the other, it has subsequently given birth to a false notion of self—a notion that relies on money and status to separate the strong from the weak.

Think back to a time when the world had no borders, when Man and beast lived in perfect harmony. The laws of Nature ruled the dominion of Man, and the currency of love made each living creature the owner of extravagant wealth.

True evolution is defined by spiritual change; and we believe in bringing a change that places compassion and kindness over selfishness and greed.

Help spread the message of love through our conscious clothing—and be a beacon of light in a world obscured by darkness.