As we move towards the future, we witness fantastic changes in the shape of technological advancement and scientific discovery. What’s possible today was simply inconceivable yesterday; and what is merely a thought today will be a tangible reality tomorrow.

We live in a world of miracles where everything is open to possibility.

And yet, despite our undeniable progress, our impressive feats and accomplishments, we’ve somehow lagged behind in one of the most important areas of life—protecting the lives of those who can’t fend for themselves.

The Plight of Animals

You may not have a pet; you may not even be a “cat or dog-person”; but as you respond to the changes of modern life, adapting and surviving—even incorporating more changes into your life to make it better—you tend to forget its effects on those who can’t speak your language.

Animals are sensitive creatures. Like us, they respond to love and kindness and ultimately, the same heart beats inside all living beings, big or small—human or animal.

If you’re an animal lover and already feel for the silent suffering of innocent animals, you’re likely to do your part in raising awareness and putting an end to their torment.

In many cases, however, their plight reaches no one as they’re stripped from their natural habitat, away from their families, to be tested in laboratories, to manufacture products we don’t need.

All this happens under the law, in the name of “industry and commerce”—at the expense of our planet! And most of us simply remain unaware or oblivious to the silent cries of animals who simply cannot defend themselves.

Standing Up For Truth and Justice

We live in an age of capitalism, and in order to keep it thriving, we buy more than we need, and invest relentlessly in a machine that’ll one day run out of steam.

Instead of spending thoughtlessly and contributing to the depletion of our sacred natural resources, be a voice of wisdom and stand up for those who lack the means to fight their own fight.

Awaken The Source is a movement to end injustice, corruption and selfishness by raising awareness and promoting conscious living.

We believe that all living beings deserve to live together in perfect harmony.

This world is as much ours as it is theirs, the gift of life is bestowed to all—and its riches, enough to sustain each of us without our trying to impose a foreign way of life.

Be an advocate of ethical living by buying our cruelty-free spiritual t-shirts and put an end to the suffering of all animals.