Many of us are leading unconscious lives—soul-crushing 9 to 5 jobs don’t leave much space for soul building.

This constant struggle for more leads to dysfunctional personal lives. Many of us have to contend with bad relationships, self-doubt, and a defeatist attitude.

Then, we try to hide these issues behind anger, disgust, and judgment aimed at others.

We are all busy sabotaging our lives.

Live With Intention and Purpose: The Only Way Out!

Learn to consciously make decisions that lead to a joyful life. Let go of people, relationships, jobs, etc. that bring you down. And instead, look for activities that help you become the person you want to be, and should be.

All of us have choices to make every day. No matter how helpless you feel about your life right now, it is possible to make it different, one little change at a time.

Let Your Soul Lead the Way

You can choose to follow the crowd and live an unconscious life; or you can stand up now and strive to become more enlightened. You have the choice: to listen to your ego, or let your spirit be your guide.

For many of us, making a conscious choice to live better can be extremely difficult. We have been raised to believe that “we should” be able to make all the money that we can, etc. It can be downright painful to let go of an expensive lifestyle and learn to be content with “what is”.

You will feel panic and anxiety when you start to make choices that are better for your soul. Take in that surge of energy and use it constructively to open your heart to the possibilities of peace and love, better relationships and a more fulfilled life in general.

Breathe deeply and consciously. Once you have found peace, ask yourself; ‘Is there a better way to use my time and energy? Is it better spent elsewhere?’ Then pause and listen to what your inner self tells you.

Be open to its guidance and understand how listening to your soul may affect you.

Lastly, let go of the idea that you will ever be able to make the absolutely perfect choice. Life is about movement. Don’t ever judge yourself or others for making a choice that felt good for the time being. You can always choose again.


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