No matter what you plan to do when you grow up, work is bound to play an important role.

Whether you’re selling organic vegetables, running a multi-national corporation, making scientific discoveries or trying to improve social policy—you invest a significant part of yourself into whatever it is that you do for a living.

This is precisely what makes your job so much more than a means to an end; and why it makes a difference if you’re not exactly in love with it.

Who Are You Working For?

According to research, we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, and about 35% of our waking hours working.

Work dominates a great part of our consciousness as we grow up thinking about our future. Cuddling with our teddies, we dream of becoming astronauts, teachers and firefighters—hoping to, one day, be the heroes we read and hear about.

Unfortunately, many of these dreams soon turn into nightmares as some of us abandon our vision, while others struggle with doubts and anxieties.

Those who finally see their dreams reach fruition, tend to get caught up with work-related stress and responsibilities.

We start living a sedentary lifestyle—sitting at a desk, working a 9 to 5 job. We lose hair and grow pot bellies, wondering why our back’s mysteriously starting to hurt.

And just when we think it’s got something to do with work, we look at our house and our car, and tell ourselves: “Heck, it’s all worth it!”

Is It, Really?

When you focus on energy into something, it manifests in some shape or form.

Work hard at your job, and you’ll see a big raise.

Spend time with your kids, and they’ll turn to you for guidance.

Ultimately, finding an ideal job isn’t a matter of negotiating between your social and professional life. It’s coming home to your kids, feeling like you’ve made a real difference—that your personal sacrifices are worth something more than a mere commodity.

How Much Are You Earning in Spiritual Currency?

As much as you want to sit at home, cross your legs and chant “Om” all day, it’s not the best way to support yourself financially.

Fortunately, making money doesn’t have to be a soulless affair. In fact, some of the richest, most influential people in the world have made it to the top because of their commitment to make a difference.

These are people who understand the spiritual value of their time and energy. And indeed, they’re the ones who change the world.

Don’t let your job be the reason for your spiritual stagnation. Awaken the Source within so you can be who you are and love what you do!