There’s a reason why our parents push us to go to college, and encourage us to plan our future while we’re still in school.

Besides the obvious idea of encouraging us to follow our dreams, they plant the seeds of independence while we’re learning to stand on our own two feet.

At the age of 18, most of us are given an incentive to move out of our parents’ house or work until we have the means to live with a buddy or a roommate.

Some of you might think it’s a little cold-hearted, while others probably can’t wait to take the reins of their life into their own hands.

Regardless of how you perceive the situation, however, moving out at this age marks your departure from the nest as you make your first attempt to fly.

And whether you struggle or not, it gives you the confidence to find your way in the clouds.

Drawing a Line


There comes a point in life where we all have to make critical decisions. Regardless of how those decisions play out, it’s imperative that we take accountability for our actions by blocking out the noise and listening to our inner voice.

Unfortunately, sharing a space with someone for an extended period of time can blur the line between your private and public affairs, and subsequently invite others to make those decisions for you.

This is why it’s important to set boundaries and maintain them; not just for your peace of mind, but for your spiritual and emotional progress.

What, Where and Why?

One of the most intimidating things you can hear from a friend, relative, partner or boss is the statement: “You crossed a line”.

This elusive, undisclosed “line” is a very real thing. And despite not having a handbook on “how to stay within the line”, we all generally know where it’s drawn and what happens if we cross it.

Ultimately, every relationship—be it personal or professional—is entirely subjective and exclusive to your particular situation.

Boundaries exist in each and every one of them, and in no way do they diminish the trust and loyalty you hold for a person or organization.

Your boss isn’t obligated to invite the entire office to his intimate wedding; just as you’re not obligated to take work calls on your day off.

Boundaries, when imposed at the right time, under the right circumstances, can be conducive to personal growth and fulfillment.

Spiritual awareness teaches us the value of drawing this line, and inculcating a sense of balance that is so crucial to our well-being.

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