The world is composed of opposites; dark and light, beauty and filth, the sacred and profane—all coexisting in perfect harmony.

Opposites define our tangible existence, giving birth to physical reality through the union of intention and action.

When we come into this world, we have no concept of oppositions. Everything is one—whole and undivided. As infants, we transition from tears to laughter, hunger to slumber, surrendering to the rhythm of life and instinct.

As we age, however, we begin to perceive reality through the prism of right and wrong, justice and wrongdoing, morality and wickedness.

Our reality is dictated by society’s notion of truth and falsehood—and in no time, our vision becomes tinted with one-dimensional ideas and black-and-white fantasies.

Beauty in Unlikely Places

The lotus flower serves as a popular symbol of growth in spiritual traditions and the philosophy of enlightenment. Blossoming in thick slush or muddy waters, it brings to life the mythical tale of the phoenix, rising from the ashes, as it does from filth.

The blossoming of a lotus flower tells us the quintessential story of life—to be beautiful in a world of ugliness, to sing in a room full of noise and clamor, to rise above the chaos by adopting the principles of stillness.

Rolling Around in Mud

Do you know why children are so much happier than adults? 


Sure, they don’t have the kind of responsibilities we do—but with homework and school, social pressures and expectations, they too have goals that they struggle to fulfill.

Despite these responsibilities, they find a way to be carefree and bold—to roll around in mud when it rains, having the time of their life doing it!

Children are happy because they find beauty in filth, defying the rules of order and living in the moment, uninhibited, unrestrained.

The lotus flower teaches us to not just accept our environment, but to also use it as a means to grow and prosper in a way we simply can’t in a different environment.

It’s simply a matter of perspective that can alter the course of our lives; and if you’re inspired by the beauty of a lotus flower, let it define your philosophy of life.

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