So what will you wear today for the yoga and meditation practice?

Some of us don’t give a lot of thought to that question, while others pull up a seat in front of their closet and take their time to decide!

No matter which category you fall into, chances are that you generally pick comfortable clothes. However, from weather, prevalent moods, time available, style needs, there are a myriad other influences that finally seals our decision. And this is a daily process. However, did you know that what you wear can have a spiritual effect as well? Here’s how that works:

The Spiritual Effect of What We Choose To Wear

In the world of spirituality, it is a common and expected truth that each and every object carries its own unique spiritual vibrations. This, of course, also includes the clothes we wear. The shape, design, color—even the stitching—can seriously impact the outcome of these vibrations.

It is important to raise the purity of clothes for anyone in search of enlightenment. Simplicity is key factor. But it is also vital to ensure that they are made of cotton, and have spirituality at the heart of their designs.

We bring you some tried and tested awakening t-shirts tips for adults. These are the factors you need to consider:

1. Type of material

Silk and cotton are two leading natural fibers with the ability to draw, imbibe and preserve divine frequencies from the environment. On the other hand, artificial fibers such as nylon, rayon and polyester can diminish your ability to attract and retain divine frequencies. Choose fabrics of your clothes wisely.

2. Color of the cloth

Black and white are basic colors with very different effects on your spirituality. Black absorbs, and if you are in a place with bad vibrations, the color will absorb these and severely hamper spiritual capabilities. On the other hand, white is all about giving out and receiving positive spiritual vibrations. In addition to white, yellow and blue are also considered colors with the ability to attract positivity.

3. Designs and prints

The pattern and size of the design on cloth can significantly affect the spiritual positivity or negativity radiating from a dress. Make sure the print isn’t very congested, and there is no morbidity or violence inherent in the designs. It is a good idea to keep the designs very simple and natural, to one side of the dress only.

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