Every spiritual tradition talks in detail about “knowing thyself”.

Your soul is gifted with a treasure trove of surprises, buried beneath the façade of a false self-image.

“Who am I?” isn’t just an existential utterance—it’s a weighted question that invites you to explore an idea that is much greater than yourself.

In asking yourself this question, you ponder on some of life’s most puzzling mysteries, entering into the esoteric world of spiritual truth.

Who Am I?

You are a child of miracle, capable of extraordinary things.

While we are all created one and equal, however, our purpose varies from person to person, depending on our unique gifts and attributes.

In questioning your identity, you embark on a journey of constant discovery and learning that never fails to amaze you and those who think they know you.

In Eastern mysticism, human beings are believed to be sparks of divine emanation, which came into this world after the shattering of the Divine vessel.


As such, each of us is, in some way, a reflection of the Source—a concept not unknown to other mystical traditions.

Living in the material world, we remain separated from the Divine Source, giving in to a false notion of self that is made real through physical reality.

Evil, then, emerges as a necessity, rather than a conquest—which sustains the existence of the finite world by reinforcing the veil between humankind and Divinity.

It is our ego—the false self—that keeps us from knowing our true, authentic Self.

And the more we give in to the temptations of the finite world, the more we dismiss our infinite qualities as a divine soul.

Lifting the Veil

As we love and lose, live and laugh, we come to distinguish between our public and private self. Understanding this duality is crucial in identifying your ego. Your public self is a mask, a representation and a veil, while your private self is a formless face that does not hide or censor itself.

To know yourself, you must look into the mirror of truth, and annihilate your ego. So when you look once more, you see the face of God.

The Source is everywhere, in every blade of grass, every living creature, every star.

Knowing thyself is realizing this profound truth—to live it, breathe it, practice it, and spread it to those around you.

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