Everyone seeks love in some shape or form. Children, adults, wildlife, sea creatures—every living being recognizes and responds to feelings of Oneness.

Despite our inherent longing to love and be loved, however, we often keep ourselves from experiencing it when we need it most.

You may be expressive, social, outgoing—even vocal and opinionated—but that’s not all it takes to experience the full glory of love.

Tearing Down the Wall

In many cases, we put up walls that keep others from saying things that we desperately need to hear. In doing so, we push them away and reject their healing energy.

Don’t think that’s you? Know for sure by identifying the signs:

1. Rejecting Compliments

So, maybe you don’t think you look that great today. Perhaps you think people are exaggerating or simply being kind.

Either way, they’re making an observation that they’re interested in sharing with you. Why dismiss a positive gesture just because you don’t agree?

Listening is as important as being heard. Be present at all times, and accept the sweet words without letting it get to your head.

2. Hiding Your True Feelings

Love is a two-way street—which means in order to get it, you have to give it.

Most of us criticize and point fingers without a second’s delay, but when it comes to saying something positive, we often think twice.

Don’t let negativity keep you from sharing your true feelings. When you acknowledge beauty in another, you acknowledge beauty within yourself. Let your love flow far and wide.

3. Being Emotionally Inaccessible

Emotional inaccessibility is a choice, not a part of your nature. You can be a private person and still be emotionally available, while an extrovert can have great difficulty being vulnerable.

Vulnerability is a sign of trust. It shows you’re brave enough to let your guard down and share your authentic self with a person you care about.

Unfortunately, many of us seem to hold the misconception that it’s being emotional is a sign of weakness—an opinion rooted in primitive notions of masculinity and femininity.

Don’t let society dictate your emotions. Be truthful and allow yourself to be loved, just as you love those around you.

Receiving love is as important as giving it. Practice self-awareness and make sure you accept the world’s greatest gift—unconditional love for all living beings, including yourself.

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